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From The President's Table

Peter F. Dantas
( Ex-Servicemen )

Sindhudurg Sainik School, Amboli was started in 19/10/2003 by a collective idea of Ex-servicemen and a vision to build officers in Army, Navy & Air force of Indian Defence Services. We Ex-Servicemen from Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra had a strong aggression to create dynamic, strong and brilliant cadets to be generously recruited in our Indian Defence Services.

Sindhudurg Sainik School, Amboli is successively training in all adventure activities like Valley Crossing, Rappelling, River crossing, Paragliding, Horse riding, Outdoor sports like Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Basketball. All students are trained well in obstacle training, Rifle Shooting as well.

Cadets at Sindhudurg Sainik School, Amboli appear for all Competitive Examinations of Defence Service every year after deep training by our Defence retired training staff. Our Academic progress reports are excellent with the best possible tutor support of our highly educated teaching staff.

We aspires all young cadets to come and join us in building a Strong nation.

Shri. P. F. Dantas


Sindhudurg District Ex-Servicemen Association, Sawantwadi