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Military School : An Ambitious Plan of
Maharashtra Government

    The Maharashtra Govt. has launched an ambitious scheme in the year 1996. The Government has permitted fully residential English Medium School from 6th to 12th Standard (Science Faculty). The School is affiliated to the Maharashtra state Education Board, Pune. The School is to function on the model of a Central Govt. Sainik School.

    The Government of Maharashtra has launched this ambitious plan in the field of education to create future officers in the Defence Forces. The Sindhudurg District Ex-Servicemen Association has started the military school for boys at Amboli in October 2003. There are classes from 6th to 12th standard (Science).

    The School has evolved a balanced curriculum for all round development of each cadet. Along with academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are profiled into the school syllabus. Special curriculum on leadership development including behaviour engineering and character formation has given important weightage.

    Equal emphasis is given to develop physical, mental & morale faculties of a cadet. The programme is so designed to bring out the best in a cadet by making the curriculum inter- disciplinary and progressive. Each cadet is exposed to all outdoor activities including boxing, horse riding, obstacle training, firing and individual as well as team events.

    Special cell for leadership development has been added. Service Selection Board (S.S.B.) preparation with emphasis on development of individual leadership qualities and team spirit has been included in the school syllabus for overall development. Military training is also imparted to imbibe military values and greater awareness among the cadets.

    The School has adopted a very dynamic games and sports policy where in every cadet has to participate in all the disciplines of games and sports. In the inter school competitions our cadets have been able to maintain the domination at the district level. Our cadets have displayed splendid performances in half marathon in various venues like western naval command, Vasai-Virar and sawantwadi etc.

    The School performance in the games and sports have been consistently outstanding. Every year the school is in receipt of cash award from Education Department, Sindhudurg.

    The School has a vibrant adventure activity programme. The School adventure team has been performing well at the national level. The main aim of the school is to prepare the final year students for leadership role in the armed forces through NDA, NA, AFA & TES. It is a matter of pride to claim that the school curriculum prepares our cadets for all competitive exams eligible after class 12. The performance of each cadet is very closely monitored and remedial measures adopted. We respect your decision on considering our school for your ward.

School Campus :-
    Sindhudurg Sainik School Amboli is the only school established and managed by an Ex-servicemen association. Therefore, the military values are our guiding principles in running this school.

    Our founding members have selected Amboli for the school based on suitability for military training, healthy climatic conditions, natural aesthetics, clean environment and serenity. The location is very conducive for physical, mental and morale growth of a cadet. Very shortly school will be developing the permanent infrastructure in the 30 acre land at Amboli allotted by Government of Maharashtra. The new campus will have all modern infrastructure and facilities for a superlative educational venture.

Objectives Of Military Education :
1.  All round physical, mental and moral development of a cadet for imbibing leadership qualities viz.
   a) Patriotism    b) Sense Of responsibility.
   c) Courage and valour    d) Will to excel in every walk of life.
2.  Develop life skills, analytical mind, global mental and intellectual perspectives.
3.  Develop good habits for a positive behaviour and a strong character.
4.  Prepare each cadet for a career in Armed forces.
5.  Develop a wide knowledge base with competitive acumen to face any competitive exam after standard 12th.

Salient Features:
 1. The only Sainik School established and managed by retired army personnel.
 2. Highly professional and qualified management faculty as well as staff.
 3. A well researched and scientifically developed daily routine to inculcate good habits for physical, mental an moral growth to instill leadership qualities.
 4. A well balanced curriculum supported by an efficient administrative set up to ensure a healthy body, sound mind and a pure character.
 5. Scientifically structured school organization to ensure individual growth, team spirit and universal citizenship.
 6. English speaking language lab.
 7. Fully equipped personality & leadership development lab.
 8. Well installed GTO - Tasks ground.
 9. Fully developed individual and group obstacle course.
 10. 10m Air Rifle Range.
 11. Horse Riding School.
 12. Rock Climbing & rapelling rock face.
 13. Outdoor classroom like the Gurukul system.
 14. Regular competitions for enhancing creativity among students.
 15. Community service to develop sense of responsibility.
 16. Well — stocked library with rich collection of latest books, newspapers, magazines, CD's etc.
 17. Special guidance for cadets appearing for N.T.S. exam, NDA, CET, NEET etc.
 18. Guidance by guests from the defence forces.
 19. Well equipped gymnasium and spacious play ground.
 20. Spacious hostel accommodation
 21. Nutritious and balanced diet approved by dietician.
 22. Well equipped Medical Inspection and Treatment Room.
 23. Visits to defence establishment.
 24. Scholarship for economically backward and intelligent student.
 25. Well Equipped computer lab. (ICT) with e-learning facility.

Military Based Training:
    Besides academic education following additional military based training is provided in the School. The Classification of periods is given below.

Sr No. Subject Std 5th to 7th Std 8th to 10th Std 11th to 12th
1 A) PT

B) Games



2 Drill 70 70 70
3 Weapon training / Firing 40 40 40
4 Horse Riding / Computer 40 40 40
5 Swimming / GK 45 45 45
6 War Exercise 15 15 15
7 Map Reading 20 20 20
8 Self Defence 20 20 20
9 Yoga 20 20 20
10 General Science 10 10 10
11 English Speaking 20 20 20
12 Group Discussion 20 - -
13 Music (Band) Training 40 - -
14 Adventure Sports Training 20 20 20
15 Sports 200 200 200
16 Personality development and moral education 30 30 30
17 Guest Lectures & visits Audio Video Direction Out Of Military Training Out Of Military Training Out Of Military Training
18 Social service, Community Development Time Table Time Table Time Table

Daily Routine:
    The Cadets have to follow a busy daily routine. The daily routine from Monday to Saturday is as follows.

05.30 Reveille
06.15 - 06.30 Morning Roll Call
06.30 - 07.15 P.T.
07.15 - 07.30 Lay-out & House Inspection
07.30 - 08.15 Breakfast
08.15 - 08.30 Assembly
08.30 - 13.30 School Session
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch Break
14.30 - 15.30 Supervised Study / NDA Exam. Guidance
15.30 - 15.45 Refreshment & Dress Change
15.45 - 16.00 Roll Call For Sports
16.00 - 17.15 Games / Military Training
17.15 - 18.30 Milk / Bathing
18.30 - 19.30 Supervised study (Night)
19.30 - 20.00 Evening Roll call
20.00 - 21.30 Dinner
21.30 - 22.00 Light Off

Curriculum and Military Training:
 1. Military School is fully residential having classes from 6th to 12th standard of science stream.
 2. The medium of instruction in the school is an English.
 3. The School is affiliated to Maharashtra State Education Board. The examination for 10th & 12th standard are conducted by Maharashtra State Secondary & Higher Secondary Board. In addition Military education will be taught as a compulsory subject. In Military training and personality development the following subjects are covered.
    a. Drill (Parade)
    b. Obstacle training, Horse Riding, Firing, Yoga.
    c. Computer Education.
    d. Communication skills, Group discussion, Leadership Development, .
    e. Adventure training. Mountaineering, Outdoor games.
    f. Current affairs and General Knowledge.
    g. Guest lectures, visit by important personalities.
    h. Music Western & Classical.
    i. Leadership Training for SSB Tests.
    j. Gymnastics.

Special Facilities

  • Physical Education
  • Sports Competitions and Picnics
  • Food and Accommodation
  • Medical Facilities
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Science Labs
  • Lectures and Guidance
  • Parent Day and Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Annual Day Function